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We are a highly specialized debt and risk management service provider with expertise in China, Russia/CIS, Western and Central Europe, the USA and Canada and its local regulations Our services include: informatio, credit insurance, factoring and debt collection

Our services include:

Credit information and Business reports

Obtaining proper, timely and accurate information about your potential and existing business partners as well as competitors can help you improve your risk management and decisions.

We offer you quality reports from our external partners on companies from CIS, the Adriatic/Balkan region and from most European countries. A wide range of only official sources is being used. Besides administrative and financial data they also include additional compliance relevant information.

Group reports

Delcreda offers comprehensive group reports including the most important financial indicators of all relevant group companies. This analysis includes also the general managers of the companies who happen to hold the position of being the only persons who can take decisions for the company.
A group structure can be provided after 3-5 working days.

Premium report

A Premium Report includes the following information about the requested company:

    • Administrative data: registration- and tax numbers
    • Address
    • Type of business activity
    • Type of business activity
    • Type of business activity
    • Registered share capital
    • Bank details
    • General management and other functions of the general management at other companies
    • Shareholders/owners and other functions of these shareholders/owners at other companies
    • Balance sheets and profit and loss accounts
    • Selected financial indicators and coefficients
    • Affiliated companies, branches, daughter companies and/or other companies
    • Foreign trade activities: imports and exports, licenses
    • Number of employees
    • Court cases with the business court of the Russian Federation
    • Import categories according to TN VED, countries of origin
    • Export categories according to TN WED, destination countries
    • Carried out inspections as scheduled by government agencies of different sectors
    • Graphical comparisons of financial indicators of a business sector and about the company of up to the last 15 years Since Premium reports could be fairly extensive we offer you to choose the relevant modules for your individual company profile. This profile will be saved in our system and will be applied for every information report order. Please address this issue with us when placing an order.
Credit Insurance

Credit insurance is one of the effective measures to avoid the loss of payments. The credit insurer helps through its solvability check of policy holder's clients to build up a financially sound customer base. The loss of payment can be indemnified so that the companies financial losses can be reduced. The credit insurance makes receivable risk manageable.

Internationally different insurance concepts for receivables from trade and services are being used. It is differentiated between private and state coverage, domestic and export insurance.

A number of different bonds for payments, performance and down payments are available.

Adapted insurance concepts are determined by the variety and complexity of different forms of trades and goods. In order to effectively prevent your companies receivable losses through credit insurance we offer you with our more than 25 years of experience in this sector the following services:

  • An intensive analysis of your needs
  • Creation of a comprehensive insurance concept
  • Negotiations with trade credit and/or bond insurers about the best possible offer
  • Support in obtaining the needed credit limits respectively bonds
  • Support for closing the contract
  • Training of the relevant staff in handling your credit or bond insurance
  • Ongoing support and consulting – especially concerning the observance of your contractual obligations, regarding credit limit requests and above all in claims cases
  • Support with the contract prolongation or with the establishment of a new insurance concept

Trade credit and bond insurance is a very specialized service that was and still is being developed in Europe since ca. 100 years. This is the reason why there is a big variety of product wordings, clauses, and contractual obligations. Insurance concepts are usually complex and are often customized to match our client's individual needs. Examples are the needs for domestic / export coverage/ selected portfolio/ single risk cover/ short or medium-term payment terms / etc...

Compared to the European market the Chinese credit insurance market started only in 2000 and is thus relatively young. To realize these multiple insurance concepts from Europe they must be adapted to the specifics and regulations of the Chinese market. Delcreda China Desk is familiar with the relevant regulations and conditions in China and cooperates with all credit insurers in China including Sinosure and PICC in order to achieve the best possible insurance solutions for our clients.

Besides professional broker services, we provide you transparency of information in a very intransparent market. In addition, Delcreda China Desk coordinates the communication with all parties involved - the client's head office, his daughter companies, and the Chinese insurers as well as other potentially involved business partners.


Factoring – a form of financing based on receivables from deliveries and services.

We are offering solutions for debt-based financing through close cooperation with a number of factoring companies. Due to our specialization in trade credit insurance, we can combine the possibilities of factoring and trade credit insurance in a clever way.

After a comprehensive analysis of the current needs of the prospect we check the market, negotiate an optimal bundle of services and accompany the prospect during the contract negotiations, during the day to day business as well as in the process of prolongation or restructuring of the arrangement.