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Delcreda is a highly specialized international broker group offering professional risk management services. Thomas Bölinger and Andreas Steinborn developed solutions for high risk countries and regions as well as for special requests from international businesses of their clients. They founded the companies 2012 in Moscow and 2013 in Germany. International active clients and medium sized broker firms are glad to use our expertise and services.

In 2014 Delcreda expanded in tothe Adriatic-/Balkan region that is managed by our partner Klara Stanic. In November 2016 founded ist office in the USA and in 2019 in Canada. Barbara Svevo manages our business in the US and together with Thomas Bölinger in Canada. In order to match the growing demand from our - european as well as Chinese - clients for insurance solutions of their China business Delcreda started its China Desk with offices in Germany and China.

We commit ourseves towards our clients to cooperate with all insurers and reliable factoring and surety companies locally as well as in Europe, to grant an effective communication and information transparancy in order to achieve the best possible results for our clients. Our highly qualified staff and partners support you in Germany, Russia, Mongolia, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, the USA and Canada with currently 25 employees.

DELCREDA Insurance Services Ltd

Los Angeles, USA, responsible for providing trade credit insurance and factoring solutions for US companies with domestic and export business.


Toronto, Ontario, provides a range of credit management solutions mostly for exporters, specialized on single risk transactions with private or government buyers in high risk countries.

DELCREDA Special Products GmbH

Mainz, Germany, responsible for brokering credit insurance and factoring solutions as well as marketing our international service und information products in Western Europe and through our international network in the rest of the world.

Additionally we are specialized in single risk solutions for high risk countries as an alternative to government coverage.

DELCREDA Adriatic/Balkan office

Based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, responsible for risk management – trade credit insurance, debt collection and business information in Slovenia, Croatia and indirectly in Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina.


Based in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, responsible for risk management - trade credit insurance, debt collection and business information in Mongolia.